Amit Gupta (founder of Photojojo & Jelly) needs your help

“Amit, you’ve got Acute Leukemia. You need to enter treatment right away.”

A few ways to help:

  1. If you’re South Asian, get a free test by mail. You rub your cheeks with a cotton swab and mail it back. It’s easy.
  2. If you’re in NYC, you can go to this event my friends are putting on.
  3. If you know any South Asians (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives, or Sri Lanka), please point ‘em to the links above. Thank you.

High School Fashions, 1969


photograph by Arthur Schatz

I bet my mother owned a pair of those tights.

See all the remaining pictures at HOW TO BE A RETRONAUT.

Minimalist business card

Minimal business card design

Catching up on Kottke from a month ago, and this is too brilliant to not keep record of.

The 18 Mistakes That Kill Startups

The 18 Mistakes That Kill Startups

In case you need a refresher.

Fucking Sue Me

Fucking Sue Me

Note to self: keep in mind.

Trouble tracking potential “keepers” on Spotify


In iTunes, I have a spatial understanding of where albums are in relation to my entire collection. I only use playlists when it is absolutely necessary to mix things together (for a party, lots of instrumental on shuffle to work to, etc.). I don’t make playlists of single albums, that’s wasteful. The album is accessible right there via the browse. (I hardly ever listen to single tracks off albums; unless the single is a guilty pleasure and the rest of the album is atrocious, I either listen to the whole album or not at all.)


In Spotify, there is no collection.

I can’t remember everything I think I like and re-search for it every time I want to listen. That’s what I’ve been doing. Definitely doesn’t scale.

I could make a “Shit I Think I Like And Want To Find Again” playlist and dump everything deemed worthy on first listen in there, lest I lose it forever in the wake of day-to-day life. Without browsing via album or artist, that gets painful fast.

Do I make it by genre? Mixing a new indie rock album with a new ambient album with a new hiphop album in one playlist doesn’t sit quite right.

With my own arbitrary tags? I don’t want to make active-minded decisions about where something new should end up when I’m not 100% sold on it, I just know I don’t want to lose it. Suddenly I’m managing a taxonomy that I didn’t think through fully at creation.

How much weight do I give to the fact that my playlists are now public, sharable, able to be subscribed to? There’s got to be a value in making that metadata have meaning to the machine at-large, at least more so than only-makes-sense-to-me names.

And where does it end up when it passes the final litmus test and I want to “keep” it around forever? Alphabetical A-L / M-Z playlists? Still can’t browse by album name, don’t want to scroll through thousands of tracks.

Starred is the lowest friction, but I’ll still end up lost in the weeds after starring everything that clears such a low bar.

I don’t want to think this hard about “my” music. I don’t use Spotify as much as I’d like because of it.

I could watch this a few hundred times

A business without a sign is a sign of no business

I need a house so I can paint the walls like this.

My office will say “FINISH IT ANYWAYS”.

via Invisible Theory

A bit old, but I love this stop-motion camera tattoo

Stumbled across this yesterday. A couple of years old, but it’s still amazing.

Parts two and three are shorter in length and show the sleeve further along.

The Emotional Rollercoaster of Entrepreneurs

Part One

Part Two

Cameron Herold speaking at Grow Conference 2011.

Hits a bit close to home.