Announcing Floodlight

Floodlight makes your Media Kit work for you. No longer a necessary evil, it’s now an invaluable tool in your kit. Attracting advertisers, pre-qualifying leads, disseminating information and even enabling an advertiser to impulsively make a purchase — your Media Kit can do this and much more.

Websites have an increasing variety of ways to monetize their sites, and each site needs to find the right mix of products for their unique audience.

What hasn’t changed with the introduction of all these new techniques? You still have to market your inventory to advertisers. Floodlight solves this problem in a stylish and easy-to-use way.

Making Skyscraper, we learned two important things.

First, both publishers and advertisers struggle to find each other. Many publishers are intimidated by the process of making sales, and advertisers find it difficult to commit the time and effort needed to continuously discover new publishers and audiences to engage with.

Second, while publishers crave tools that help them express their unique brand, advertisers prefer assistance handling the raw data and producing recommendations out of that abundance of information. It’s simply how each side approaches the problem, and it works.

There’s two ways to approach the discovery problem and help make a connection.

When a Publisher makes a sale to an Advertiser, they are pitching their influence, and as a default, pitching what makes them unique and able to return a positive ROI on the Advertiser’s dollars. (There are only so many of those dollars to go around.) Branding, identity, communication and a sense of professional completeness help produce an attractive and well-received pitch. Advertisers understand this and appreciate the effort a Publisher makes to speak to their specific needs.

However (and it’s a big however!), when Advertisers approach the problem of finding Publishers to work with, it’s a two-step solution, and the first step has much less to do with the individual Publisher specifically. Audience is key — Advertisers want to filter, sort and whittle down the impossibly huge set of potentials using a multitude of data points about the websites where the inventory is displayed, but more importantly, about the audience the Publishers have the influence to reach. Once that population has been narrowed, only then does any particular Publisher’s brand start to play a role.

Floodlight is the best of both worlds.

When a Publisher builds their Media Kit with Floodlight, they gain a powerful tool to make sales themselves, and without any additional effort also expose themselves to Advertisers that otherwise may have never found them. For the first time ever, Advertisers gain access to an powerful way to discover the “fat middle” of Publishers that previously was too inefficient to work with. Access to new audiences enables Advertisers to reach heavily engaged niches around the web, and Publishers are able to better extract the value out of their hard work, enabling them to grow their businesses on their own terms.

Want Early Access? Say Hi!

We haven’t opened up the gates just yet, but if you’d like to be one of the first to use Floodlight, swing by and sign up for early access.

This post also appeared on the Floodlight blog.